Ryan O'Leary

Software Engineering Student

I am a University of Waterloo undergrad enrolled in software engineering. Software is my passion, engineering is my discipline. Below, I present a few of my most ambitious projects.

Digital Logic

Simulate gates, latches, adders and whatever logic you desire! Currently the simulation works correctly, however the UI still needs work. Demo.


Map special characters (like Ω and ë) to hot keys. Alternatively, select the characters from a HUD, viewable from any program. The option file can be configured to add practically any Unicode character. Download.

Mutation Machine

The mutation machine tries to mimic the image on the left side with an image on the right by generating beneficial mutations in its DNA. In each generation, some genes get deleted, insert and moved. Demo. Source.


Chess is a great game to play with friends and colleagues! This software keeps track of the scores. Demo. Source.

Mindful Macro

Keystrokes and mouse clicks are programmed in a Lua script called a "Macro". Due to the flexibility of Lua, very dynamic scripts can be made. Download. Source.


Stravity is in-development game with planetary physics. It's not astronomically accurate, but it is fun!

Mandelbrot Fractal

This is a simple interactive model of the Mandelbrot Set written in C++. I am also planning to add a few optimizations because, as it stands, the interactivity is quite slow. Download. Source.

Fish Tank

This is a fish tank simulator for the console. I built it to better my understanding of the graphics pipeline, painter's algorithm and procedurally generated content. I plan to add some plants and snails. Download.